Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

What is a Bridge?

A dental bridge or fixed partial denture is an appliance that “bridges” the space left by a missing tooth. A typical bridge is composed of three crowns. Two crowns (abutment teeth) are capped on teeth on either side of the space to support a replacement tooth (pontic) in the middle. Sometimes, the abutment teeth are placed only on one side of the space, or metal “wing” attachments are used to support the pontic. Instead of crowns, dental implants can also support the bridge.

Teeth on either side or one side of the gap must be healthy to support a traditional bridge. A strong structure is required because each tooth will be filed down to accommodate the crown. If you want to retain your natural teeth, dental implants are an excellent option. Many patients choose a dental bridge because it is more stable than a removable partial denture, and it costs less than implant-supported teeth. Many dental insurance plans also cover bridges.

The Procedure

It starts with a consultation between you and Dentist. You will discuss what you want to achieve with your smile and how you want it to be done. Next, Dentist will perform a complete mouth evaluation to determine which teeth replacement is best for you. If you choose a dental bridge, Dentist will remove the decayed tooth, clean the area, and prepare the abutment teeth for crown placement.

Dentist will then take teeth impressions or molds to be used in designing the bridge. You will receive temporary crowns to protect the prepared tooth while you wait for the permanent bridge to be made. On your next appointment, the bridge is attached temporarily to give your mouth time to adjust. Finally, the bridge is permanently cemented.

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