Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings

A healthy smile is the most beautiful. It takes more than good oral hygiene to preserve your natural teeth for life. Regular visits to your Trafalgar dentist are also necessary. Your dentist will check your mouth for problems and clean your teeth thoroughly. In general, it is recommended that you have dental cleanings at least twice a year. The schedule may change depending on your risk for developing cavities and your mouth’s condition.

Dental Prophylaxis or Professional Teeth Cleaning

It is a good habit to brush and floss daily, but it is not enough to remove plaque and tartar from hard-to reach areas of your mouth. Plaque is a complex ecosystem of food particles, bacteria and secretions that is relatively easy to remove by brushing. However, hidden plaque can turn into a calculus called tartar that requires professional dental tools to remove.

Your dentist job is to clean every surface of your teeth using special ultrasonic tools, manual hand pieces, and sometimes laser. Your dentist can clean the areas between the teeth and under the gums, and remove tartar or hardened plaque. Your teeth will also be polished with a gritty paste using a device with a vibrating rubber head. This is done to make the surfaces smooth and make it harder for bacteria to stick.

Dentist will then take a final look and perform difficult tartar removal if required. He will also check your mouth for cavities and other problems. Early detection and periodontal treatment not only saves you from more dental visits, but also saves you money on dental work.

Dental Cleaning appointments are usually performed without anesthesia, but make sure to tell your dentist in Trafalgar if your teeth are very sensitive or you have dental anxiety. Schedule your next appointment today! Call us at +61 3 5633 1185 or click here to book a consultation.