Dental Extraction

Dental Extraction

Dentists believes that nothing is better than real teeth. That’s why he emphasizes regular dental checkups to maintain optimum oral health. He aims to preserve your natural teeth and keep your smile healthy and beautiful for life. However, tooth extraction may be needed in some cases in order to restore appearance and function. If there is extensive tooth decay, your dentist in Trafalgar will first determine if root canal therapy can still save your tooth. During endodontic therapy or root canal, bacteria and decay are removed and the space in the tooth is sanitized and sealed off. The remaining structure is then capped over with a dental crown. But if the damage is too extensive or the tooth is too weak to support a dental crown, an extraction may be necessary.

Other cases when a tooth extraction may be needed:

  • When there’s advanced gum disease that can destroy bone and tissues
  • To prepare the mouth for dental implants, dentures or orthodontic treatment
  • A tooth is blocking another tooth from fully erupting or coming out
  • Repairing the damaged tooth will be far more expensive than extracting and replacing it
  • Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that often come out in the late teens or early twenties. If they erupt normally, wisdom teeth are harmless. But when the jaw is too small or your teeth are already crowded, you may experience problems. Your wisdom tooth can become impacted or wedged in the soft tissue. This may cause swelling, infection, and, in some cases, formation of cysts and tumors. Extraction of the wisdom tooth is necessary.

Dentist can best determine if a dental extraction is needed for decayed teeth and wisdom teeth that have not erupted yet. To find out more, please call our Trafalgar office at +61 3 5633 1185 or set an appointment online.