Digital Dental X-ray

Digital Dental X-ray

Digital Dental X-rays help dentists detect oral health problems that may not be seen by the naked eye. This is critical to preventive dentistry particularly in diagnosing tooth decay, abnormal growth and gum disease.

Your dentist in Trafalgar uses digital X-rays that are safer and more accurate than traditional X-rays. This latest form of diagnostic imaging does not use photographic film to record images of the entire mouth and its structures. Instead, it uses a sensor that is directly connected to a computer. This allows patient and doctor to quickly view the images on a monitor and find out the next steps to achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.

Another technology that we have here at the practice is digital x-rays. It’s a wonderful innovation that has evolved over the past five years or so and it provides tremendous diagnostic abilities and it reduces the level of x-ray exposure to the patient. Before, with the old film technology, it took time to develop the film and we had to read it at another time. With the digital x-ray technology, we are able to take the x-ray while the patient is in the chair and view it immediately.

The amount of exposure to the x-ray is about 1/10th of the old version, and it has increased diagnostic capabilities. We can see more details on the x-ray.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

  • You get faster and more accurate diagnosis with digital X-rays
  • Digital radiography helps your dentist create a treatment plan that best suits your specific needs
  • You won’t have to wait to see your X-rays. With digital X-rays, there is no film to process and you immediately have a better idea of the condition of your mouth.
  • No film processing also means no need to use chemicals.
  • Images from digital X-rays are clearer and the details are sharper. The image can also be enhanced or enlarged as needed. A specific area can be enlarged and images can be compared side by side with previous X-rays for more accurate diagnosis.

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